Expert Witness Services

David Franklyn has 20 years of experience as a testifying expert in trademark and consumer perception cases for both plaintiff and defendant clients. His experience as a trademark professor, Director of the McCarthy Institute on Trademark Law, and legal experience provides assurance on the most complex cases.  Furthermore, his dual role within the Law & Business Colleges at GGU give him a unique outlook on the legal and business implications of trademark usage.


Case Types

David has conducted consumer surveys and served as an expert witness on a wide variety of trademark cases, including:

  • Conjoint Analysis of Trademark Impact

  • Likelihood of Confusion

  • Secondary Meaning

  • Genericness / Distinctiveness

  • Likelihood of Dilution

  • Fame

  • Strength of Mark

  • Patent Damages

Previous Clients


Select Witness Experience

David has worked in a wide variety of sectors.   Below are a subset of cases where deposition, arbitration, or trial testimony were conducted:

Coca-Cola v. Internal Revenue Service, DC Tax Court, 2018  

Rockwell v. Radwell, US International Trade Commission, 2018    

Ganzi v. Ganzi, New York State Court, 2017  

Sound View v. Facebook, Northern District of California, 2017  

Singh  Management  Co., v .  Singh  Building  et al.,  Eastern  District  of Michigan,  2016  

Amazon  v .  IRS,  Federal  Tax  Court,  Seattle,  November  2014  

Rembrandt  v .  Facebook,  Eastern  District  of Virginia, July  2013  

Glidewell  Labs  v  Keating,  Southern  District  of  California,  2012

Sun  Pacific  v . Paramount,  Arbitration  in  Bakersfield,  California,  2012  

Millennium  v .  Reed  Smith,  New  York  State  Court,  New  York  City,  November  2012  

Okun  v . Morton,  California  Superior  Court,  Los  Angeles,  2010  

PWI  v . Horizonte,  Southern  District  of  Florida,  2009